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About Us

WXTX Fox 54 is the Fox affiliate in serving a large portion of southwest Georgia and southeast Alabama.

The station is located at 6524 Buena Vista Road in Columbus.  You can reach WXTX-TV at (706) 568-2900.

WXTX broadcast quality programming such as American Idol, 24, Prison Break and House.

In a partnership with WXTX Fox 54 produces a nightly newscast which is broadcast at 10:00 pm (Eastern) / 9:00 pm (Central) Monday through Friday.  

You can reach members of the Fox 54 news team at (706) 494-5458.

Contact Us
Fox 54 wants to hear from you.  We've made it easy for you to contact us with a list of phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

News Tips:  You can call our newsroom at 706-494-5458 or send us an e-mail by clicking here.  Our newsroom fax number is 706-327-0179.

Station Feedback:  You can call us at 706-494-5400 or send us an e-mail by clicking here.

Advertising: You can contact our sales office at 706-494-5400. 

WXTX-Fox 54
1909 Wynnton Rd.
Columbus, Ga 31906

WXTX-TV is located in Columbus, GA in the beautiful Chattahoochee Valley.

WXTX serves the following Georgia counties:  Muscogee, Harris, Talbot, Taylor, Marion, Schley, Chattahoochee, Stewart, Webster, Sumter, Quitman, Randolph, and Clay.  WXTX serves the following Alabama counties:  Chambers, Lee, Russell, and Barbour.

Link to WXTX on the FCC's web site

WXTX Closed Captioning Information
To contact us about our closed captioning service or advise us about captioning problems, please contact WXTX engineering team. We accept calls using TRS and are available during normal business hours to address captioning issues.

Engineer On call:
Bryan Baker
TEL: (706) 494-5554
FAX: (706) 494-5488

To submit a complaint about an issue that cannot be resolved by contacting the Engineer On Call, you may write to:

Cristine Couldridge, General Manager
1909 Wynnton Rd
Columbus, GA  31906
Telephone:  706-494-5400
Fax:  706-322-7527

WXTX Children's Programming Record
WXTX maintains a record of the children's programming aired on our station. It contains nature, length and frequency of children's programming. The files are located at 1909 Wynnton Road and can be viewed Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm.